Monday, 16 May 2011

Summer blouse project - Completed!

I finally managed to finish something I started sewing for myself! Hurrahs... usually I end up cutting things out then leaving them for months while my attention is taken up with working on things for other people.

I posted previously about my Summer blouse plans here and here, and finally it's done!

Here are the buttons I used, vintage bakelite I got to replace the original ones which were sadly damaged in the post.

I used the bodice pattern from this vintage playsuit from newvintagelady's shop on etsy.

I had to make a few adjustments - I converted the pleats at the waist to darts, extended the bodice down from the waistline to make the blouse shape, and narrowed the shoulders by a couple of inches as the pattern turned out to be too broad for my frame. I also got rid of the notched collar and made it a smooth winged collar instead, as I think this is a more classically 1950s look.

I'm really glad I made a mock-up of this shirt from linen beforehand, it allowed me to make a lot of necessary tweaks to the fitting. (Note to self: take the picture of the garment before you've had it tucked into your jeans and made it all wrinkly.)



  1. Yay indeed! Looks really cute, I like that fabric.

  2. Thanks Tasha! It's a Robert Kaufman fabric I think, it came from the bargain bin at my local fabric shop.

  3. LOVE the top. it came out very pretty!!!

  4. you are SO CUTE it makes me giddy! I am alos attracted to the green leopard thing in your closet,in the first picture...let's see that!!! I do love your blouse and you did a great job adapting the pattern, you're my cup of tea!

  5. Love the the pattern - and - Oh! those BUTTONS!

  6. Thanks girls :) I'm pleased to have finally finished something!

    Sue - it's my denim cutoff! I had to dye that thing four times to get it black (it was pale stonewash, eww) I added the green fabric panels and it's got patches - Demented are Go, The Cramps etc. it's a work in progress, nowhere near enough stuff on it yet!

  7. Just beautiful, those buttons are perfect on it.

  8. Such a fantastically fun blouse! It turned out great and I must say, I'm more than a little smitten with those perfectly cute pumpkin hued buttons! :)

    Big hugs & joyful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica from Chronically Vintage