Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fabric Love

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of two lots of fabric, from which I plan to make fabulous dresses! First, this fabric by Michael Miller, 'Kitschy Cocktails'. I plan to make a circle dress and matching bolero, and probably some cocktails too from the recipes that are printed on it! (Click it so you don't have to squint, dear).

Next, this gorgeous print - it's by Alexander Henry and comes in turquoise, black or white - I'm not sure of the name as I have seen it labelled with at least four different ones. With this I plan to make a Hawaiian dress with a waterfall skirt.

I'm obsessed with making these dresses better than anything I've done before, and plan to employ boning and to teach myself how to make a winged bust! Maybe shirring, too... ambitious. This droolworthy dress is from the emporium of unattainable dress perfection that is WhirlingTurban.

Whilst rooting in the bargain bins at my local fabric shop I came across this, I'd had my eye on it on etsy so I snapped it up! 'Puppies and Kittens/Ruthe's Party' from Michael Miller - the fabric is divided into panels which I suppose are meant to be used for quiltmaking, it's ridiculously twee. I'm rather worried for the mouse on top of the jelly, I do hope he's made from icing and not some poor little cartoon soul about to be devoured by slavering kittens.

Look at this cute child's skirt made from it, by Polkadotjes on Flickr. How I wish it would fit me. I was thinking of adding panels of the fabric as a border round the bottom of a black or red circle skirt, what do we think? Or maybe kitsch pillows, I have six full panels and two which are usable but mummy cat has been cut off. (WHY cut through the picture when there are cutting lines marked on the fabric? I know it was a scrap from the bargain bin but it's annoying me!)

I love this fabric so much I have taken it to bed with me. It reminds me of the last supper, but y'know, with less of an air of solemn biblical foreboding (except maybe for the poor mouse).


  1. how pretty! i love the dress, and the skirt!

  2. I love Michael Miller fabric. I have 3 different kitten patterns but can't decide what to make with them.

  3. I love that top fabric! Its very cool! And as you know, I have a bag in the Tiki Lounge (or whatever it is?!) fabric - its also fab in blue. Can't wait to see the finished creations!

  4. Hehe it might take a while, I'm planning excessive amounts of fiddly tailoring on them and never have time to sew for myself as it is! As long as I get something done before Summer ends I'll be happy ;)

    I've seen it called tiki lounge, tiki island, zombie lagoon and a couple of others - very confusing.

  5. I am working on a 40s dress with the same tiki fabric! WOOHOOO! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOURS!!!

  6. please keep everyone posted, I want to make a similar dress but have no pattern, I assume the waterfall is created by a quarter circle. Should be fun