Saturday, 4 June 2011

New vintage patterns!

I haven't posted in a while so thought I should give you all something nice to look at! Here are some vintage patterns I've bought recently.

This 1950s Advance Pattern is from Mrs. Depew on etsy, and if you follow her lovely blog there are tips, discount codes and other sewing-related goodies to be found.

I think the double breasted style with the large collar would make a great sailor dress, similar to the Bettie Page 'Captain' dress. I plan to make it in navy (not sure which fabric yet) with white trim and gold anchor buttons. The housecoat is cute too!

This Vogue pattern is a 1940s style. The envelope and instructions aren't in great shape, so I'm going to keep the envelope bagged and photocopy the instructions to prevent any further damage. The collar piece is missing, but the collar facing is present so it shouldn't be difficult to re-draft the collar from that. This is also the first perforated pattern I've bought, it seems rather confusing now but I'm sure I'll get as used to them as I am to printed pattern pieces. It also calls for homemade shoulder pads, wedge shaped and 3/4" thick at the outside! They really liked 'em square in the forties.

I thought it would be great for making a dress similar to this one by Trashy Diva, the 'Sweetie', which I had lusted over while it was in stock.

They've now brought it out in a gorgeous new fabric, with parrots and toucans on it! It comes in larger sizes too... up to a US18 which is about a UK22, check the size chart though as it's cut for small waists and ample everything else (hoorahs!) Here.

This last one is an American mail order pattern, also an unprinted pattern. All my other vintage patterns are full skirted styles, so this pencil dress is a lovely addition to my collection. It's full of detail too, I love the tabs, buttons and large collar. The original owner was a Mrs. Lois Boner of Burlington Flats, NY... heh, heh, boner. I think that's what it says anyway... people are always going on about how handwriting was so much better in the past, I beg to differ!


  1. LOVE the bottom one! Look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  2. Pretty cool, and i love the dresses!