Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vintage Sewing: Two New Patterns and Bakelite Horror

Here are a couple of new vintage patterns I have purchased! One is a lovely dress with classically 1950s sleeve and collar styling, and the other is a rare playsuit and overskirt pattern. I'm hoping that as well as creating these gorgeous garments, I can also trace off and modify the bodice of one of them to create my planned Summer blouse.

From Miss Betty's Attic on etsy.

From NewVintageLady on etsy, you should also check out her marvellous blog!

Also in preparation for the blouse project, I ordered these gorgeous bakelite buttons from BecaliJewels on etsy, thinking the bamboo-like pattern would go wonderfully with the tiki-ish print of my fabric.

However, when I opened the package... BAKELITE HORROR!!!

I was so upset. The seller's packaging was faultless, each button wrapped in foam, taped up then placed in a padded bag, some callous bastard somewhere in the postal service must have literally stamped on the package to cause this damage. She was so lovely about it, gave me a refund right away and she is going to make a claim with the US postal service. Still, it's saddening that these vintage treasures did not survive. Three are still intact to use on another project, and I'm hoping to fix the least broken one with some epoxy. Unfortunately, my blouse is going to need at least five buttons. I've ordered some more, not quite as nice but hopefully they'll look good.


  1. Oh, those buttons are heartbreaking.

  2. I know :( I'm going to have to think up a fabulous project for the remaining ones which will show them off like they deserve.

    It always feels terrible knowing I've had a hand in the demise of a precious vintage item... I know it's not my fault they're broken but I feel guilty for having exposed them to the postal system and put them in danger.

  3. Such a shame about the buttons but its good the seller gave you a refund, as really - they should have been in a box, or taped with lots of bubble wrap imbetween thick cardboard. I buy Bakelite bangles from the US and sometimes they send them in just a jiffy bag *wince*, I would be so mad if they arrived broken!! Better luck with your next lot :)

  4. She said she'd never had a breakage before, but I agree they could have been in some cardboard rather than just the foam wrap stuff. I honestly think North Manchester sorting office is staffed by malicious buggers who purposefully kick around everything marked 'fragile', when they're not busy 'losing' the hats I send out.

    I got an atomic print glass ice bucket through today, I was terrified it wasn't going to arrive in one piece! Argh - it would be terrible if one of your bracelets got broken or chipped, you'd think vintage sellers would take more care!