Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gorgeous sparkly treasure! Vintage rhinestone jewellery.

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment in my old hometown, so I visited my mum and stepdad while I was there, and met for lunch and fleamarket shopping with one of my oldest and best friends, Alison. She was kind enough to let me pick out a few pieces of vintage 1950s rhinestone jewellery as a belated birthday present! I bought myself a couple of pieces too, and there was even more of it I could have taken home had I taken any more money to spend.

Amazing brooches! £18 altogether.

I love this beautiful starburst brooch, and it matches exactly with this necklace, which is one of the only things I own that belonged to my paternal grandmother. The brooch does actually have a spike missing, but it's not too noticeable. I have an odd earring of the same beads that I could use to repair it which was part of my nanna's set, I have no idea what happened to the other as I don't even wear earrings, having stretched earlobes. I'm scared to take apart the earring to use for spares though, in case I find its partner.

Aurora Borealis rhinestone jewellery! The necklace has lots of different pastel tones in it with a golden surface shine, and the stones of the brooch are dark red and pink with an oilslick iridescent shine.

The necklace in better light.

This brooch is one of my favourite pieces. It's difficult to capture the colours well, it's made to look like different types of topaz in shades of grey-blue and copper opaque glass, it's lovely.

The stallholder also gave me these two cute hat brooches! They're not that old, but once I said I was a milliner she kindly handed them over for free.

50s Diamant√© bracelet, £2. One of the stones has been lost and replaced with a different one, but nobody will notice and it'll be a great staple piece to go with my other clear rhinestone pieces.

I also got a couple of household things. Midwinter jug and sugar bowl, 50p each.

Vintage bakelite glove stretcher (I think that's what it is!) to live on my dressing table, £3. The fleamarket certainly isn't anywhere near as cheap as it was when I was living there and shopping on my free Wednesday afternoons after college, I remember finding vintage glass pearl and cut glass necklaces for 30p each, but that was nearly ten years ago and the prices are certainly a lot better than online or vintage shops.

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  1. I love those brooches. I would love a pair of glove strecher's but never see them at a justifiable price.