Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Fabrics - Bambi and Retro Kitchen

I had a good rummage in the fabric bins at my usual shop in town today, looking for Hawaiian prints but found these instead!

Yay, retro kitchen gubbins! There is only a bit of this fabric, enough to make an amazing apron though!

Cute Bambi fabric! I want to make a skirt with this, although usually I only wear pencil skirts or circle skirts. It's too thin for a pencil skirt, but there isn't enough for a circle skirt. I may have to cut wide strips, stitch them together at the ends and do it as a border round the bottom of a full skirt, with a plain colour at the top.


  1. Love them both but that Bambi one is killing me with cuteness.

  2. Ooh I must have missed the Kitchen Kitsch! Well found, sorry I nabbed all the Hawaiian! ;)

    1. There was some black and grey Hawaiian but it was pretty rubbish. The kitchen stuff is only about 60cm and it was on top, so I think it may have been new this week.

  3. I am now scouring the internet for a good deal on the same Bambi fabric... I'm betting that I end up buying more after becoming obsessed with having a circle skirt made from it!

  4. super cute! where did you buy the bambi fabric from? it's too cute and i wanna make a top out of it ;3