Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another Tiki Shoes Revamp!

Following my successful Tiki Shoes Revamp last year, I have the urge to do it again!

I saw these gorgeous shoes on the irregular Choice website and fell in love with them, only to be disappointed that they have very non-vegan suede uppers.

There's a leopard version that appear to have fabric uppers, but I think that the trim round the sole is leather, and the little leaves on the fruit look like it too, plus I don't actually like them that much - I think the small print makes them look too busy, and therefore less striking.

Also... I don't have £64.99. What I do have is a marvellous boyfriend willing to enter into ebay battles on my behalf while I'm out doing a stall. Luckily, nobody decided to engage him in battle for these, and I got them for £26.50. I think having a vintage carved wooden sole is much better than a modern moulded plastic one!

The uppers are brown felt backed with thin fake leather, and the felt is quite watermarked and needs replacing. I plan to do leatherette uppers covered with either a coral coloured velvet in the style of the red Irregular Choice ones, or with straw braiding to match this hat, and add a big bunch of fruit and flowers! (Picture for Kalandra Jane Designs by Berni Harris).

I really want the coral velvet, but can't find any anywhere - only ribbon, or some silk velvet on etsy, which obviously isn't vegan either. Booo!


  1. Your carved heels shoes are amazing and I bet you'll make them look fantastic!!
    I'm a big fan of your creations!


  2. Fingers crossed you find some somewhere, I think these will be stunning in coral.

  3. Oh my word!!! You are pretty fabulous at making things m'dear and may i say it's great that you are careful to use vegan materials :)
    Also, this beauiful little coral fruit hat you have on, would you be able to recreate one for me? No rush but i would like it for around July for a vintage and classic car event i am helping to run. I think it would look fabulous!! Let me know if you would kitten xx

    1. I'm just about to order another bulk pack of plastic fruits, so they'll be back in my ebay shop and on my website as soon as they arrive and I've had a chance to make the hats :)xx