Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sewing plans: Pants!

Taking the lead from my marvellous sister over at Buttons and Bobbins, I've decided to plan some vintage-style trousers. I've never made trousers before, so I'll be learning as I go along!

Ginny's inspiration was this pair of trousers, by Handmade Jane, and I have decided that I want a pair too!

The pattern used to make these is Simplicity 2654 which is very difficult to get hold of, but after doing some research I determined it to be the same trouser pattern featured in Simplicity 4044(below), a reissue of a 1940s pattern that comes with a skirt and jacket, so they are indeed period accurate! There are plenty of copies on eBay and etsy should you wish to make some too.

My sister got hold of a copy of 2654, and I will be stealing a tracing from it as soon as she is finished with it. I decided to go for a design with a waistband, choosing Simplicity 3688(below), which I think will be easier to make jeans from - either wide-legged 40s style directly from the pattern, or by tapering a little for a 50s design. 2654 however, with its faced waist instead of a waistband, will be great for sailor trousers. I already have brass anchor buttons in my stash!

I'll probably be making these first seeing as I have the pattern here, I'll have to wait a while to borrow a copy of the faced trouser pattern. I'll probably just make them as a basic pair of jeans, maybe adding some patch pockets to the front. There's a great post showing the finished trousers and a version of the blouse from the same pattern here, by Debi at My Happy Sewing Place.

Keep an eye on Buttons and Bobbins for more pants progress; Ginny will probably get hers sewn up long before I finish mine, and she is currently in the middle of an interesting series of posts detailing historical inspiration, fabrics, patterns, help and tutorial sources for making vintage trousers.

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