Monday, 27 February 2012

Glamourous styling and my clever chap!

A couple of weeks ago we had to go to a fancy event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, where Aerospace Boyfriend was receiving a prestigious award from the North West Aerospace Alliance. He won the Sir Frank Whittle award, named after the inventor of the jet engine, which is given for the best aerospace engineering project from any North West university. I am very proud of him!

Here he is with some chaps from Project Torpedalo who are going to drive a high-tech pedalo across the Atlantic for charity! Apparently they'll be naked for most of it too due to something called 'salt chafing'... they are braver than I.

...and again looking rather nervous with some executives from Rolls-Royce jet engines, receiving his big cardboard cheque and shiny trophy made from a jet turbine fan blade. I'm not used to seeing him with normal hair and wearing a suit! There was also a very nice three-course meal (they cooked me a special vegan option) and plenty of free-flowing pink champagne! Apparently there exist pictures of us together on his dad's camera (the ones above are stolen from official websites), but they haven't come out very well.

Here is what I wore... my Hawaiian dress, I have probably worn this more than anything else I have made, it's my favourite too. Sorry for the rubbish picture, the lighting in my house is pathetic. The design is modified from Butterick 6582, I lowered the neckline and added the draped and lined front overskirt. I've made several versions of this dress and find it easy to fit and modify. Black lurex knit bolero from Tesco, my Nanna's rhinestone jewellery, and my trusty 1950s green velvet rhinestone stilettos.

My hair and makeup for the evening was done by the fabulous Bethany Jane Davies of The Vintage Beauty Parlour. Her work is fantastic! I asked for a Betty Grable/Lucille Ball inspired updo with classically glamourous neutral 50s makeup and I was thrilled with the results.

I went to her cute little home studio for my styling session (where you will fall in love with Dita, her darling black pug), she also runs a mobile beauty service for bridal or special occasion styling, and a pop-up salon at various vintage events.

Look at my eyebrows! I loved them. I won't be changing from my coloured ones any time soon, but it would be nice to make them up like this for formal occasions or just for a change with a nice outfit.


  1. Hi darling =)
    I love your blog, is really cute and you're very sweet =)

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie ♥

  2. Your hawaiian sarong dress is so beautiful, makes me want to be in summer !!

  3. Lovely dress and your hair looks AMAZING! Beth did such a good job :)

  4. you look beautiful and I want to order a dress please xxxx

  5. You look gorgeous and congratulations to aerospace boyfriend.

  6. You look fantastic!!!! This is a great, workable length for your hair!!! I would keep it around this length if you want to keep a short 'do. Is your hair naturally curly..? I can't remember. Dang, it makes ME want to get this hairstyle!! And that's a lot, because I've yearned for long hair my whole life...::whimper:: Your outfit is tdf...I think you could've gotten away with a hint of burgundy in those brows, too! *heeheehee! But...shut my mouth! Your 'natural look' is dandy. I really wonder...should I chop my hair....??????

    1. Thanks :D This hair is too long for me really, it's just skimming my shoulders when it's loose, I'll have it cut a bit shorter when the weather starts to warm up so I can just do my normal quick curly set on it.

      It is naturally curly, but all the bleaching kind of kills the curl and makes it wavy and fuzzy, but it snaps back easily with some help from rollers and holds an artificial curl really well.

      Don't chop it if you've spent ages trying to get it long! Mine was long all my life until I got sick of it and shaved it off at eighteen, I'm much happier with it short, but if you've devoted loads of effort to growing it you should make the most of it :) xx