Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kalandra Jane Designs Magazine Feature!

A couple of weeks ago I took some of my hats along to collaborate on a fashion photoshoot for Chimp Magazine, Manchester's leading arts, fashion, gigs and culture guide. I got my copies in the post today, and we have made the front cover (and the front page of their website)!

More great news, the photos have been so well received that the editors have decided to spread the shoot over two issues - double the magazine exposure, and two separate seven-page spreads of beautiful Harajuku-inspired fashion deliciousness featuring my hats! I'm so proud to have my work featured in the magazine, alongside some wonderfully talented people who worked on the shoot.

Here are the pictures from this issue! There are loads more to come. All hats by Kalandra Jane Designs, and if you're not a facebook fan yet please follow me here!

Photo shoot for Chimp Magazine
Photographer – Shirlaine Forrest
Hair and Make Up Artists - Clare Ardern
Jennifer Perry
Lauren Coombes
Models – Amy Gee, Olivia Stappleton and Tom Walker at Boss Model Management
Clothing - Tokyo Royale
Handbags - Helen Rochfort
Millinery – Kalandra Jane
Accessories – Extreme Largeness
Photographers Assistant – Danny Thornley
Shot on location with thanks to Phil Thornley, Sophie Mullan, Amanda, Fry, Frank and Paul.

Chimp Magazine is available at WH Smith and all good Mancunian newsagents!


  1. Wow! These photos are amazeballs! :D x

  2. Congratulations! Your hats are fantastic!

  3. HOLY CR@P!!!! That is MAJOR!!!! Congratulations, girl! Champaigne and reefer all around!