Saturday, 30 July 2011

1940s Turban Headpiece Tutorial

This is a great vintage way to cover up a hairdo that's past its best or a head full of rollers or pincurls while they dry! I was inspired by the Carmen Miranda look while creating this turban.

My head full of rollers! You can of course just do this style on tied or pinned up hair, and it'll work with or without a fringe (bangs).

Take a large scarf or square of fabric, mine was about 30", and fold it diagonally into a triangle. Place it so the long side is at your neckline, scoop forward covering your hair and tie the long ends at the front of your head as pictured, over rather than behind the ears, tucking the sides in as you tie.

Fold the point to the back of your head, and push in a couple of bobby pins to secure it in position to your hair. Double knot the long ends over the top, or the turban will work loose over time.

Take a long scarf, fold it in half, then fold into an 's' shape as pictured. Grasp all layers of the 's' at the centre.

Place the folded second scarf on top of the knot of the first scarf, and knot again to secure it.

Fluff and fan out the folded looped sections of the second scarf.

Bring the back point and loose ends of the first scarf up, tucking them in wherever you think looks best, I used the black ends to create more loops to contrast with the green.

Arrange the loops however you like, and add a flower or fruit clip or jewelled brooch for extra 40s flair! For an authentic 40s look, contrasting plain coloured scarves or a plain one mixed with a wartime or floral print would look great.

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