Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Queen of Hearts

I've been working on a couple of fabulous made-to-order hats for bridal customers recently. This design is for the bride to wear at her wedding reception, and is based on the scene in Disney's Alice in Wonderland where the cards are painting all the white roses in the Queen's garden with red paint, lest they lose their heads!

I popped it on to model the design, and was rather enamoured of it. It's a red satin heart-shaped pillbox style embellished with hand painted roses, foliage, playing cards and paintbrushes. By the way, this is what my hair looks like if it is allowed to dry naturally - a cross between Doc Brown from 'Back to the Future' and some outcast from A Flock of Seagulls.


  1. Oh wow! This is so amazing. I love it.
    -Andi x

  2. Wow thats so impressive, it looks beautiful. x

  3. Beautiful hat! I love it when people actually go for something different, the bride will look smashing! :)

  4. I think she's wearing something more traditional for the ceremony, but then the reception is Alice in Wonderland themed!

    I've just done some for a bride who's having a red and white polka dot 50s style wedding dress, the hat is a red mini top hat with white spots, white veil, strings of white pearls and loads of fimo ladybirds on it! Her bridesmaids are having red satin cocktail hats with polka dot bows and red veils. Cute :)

  5. Hi!
    I mentioned your beautiful hat in my post about painting the white roses red.

    Check it out: