Monday, 4 November 2013

Our gorgeous new family member! (don't worry, it's not about babies.)

We adopted a dog! This beautiful girl is Cindy, who joined our household from Dogs Trust Merseyside a few weeks ago, and has settled in very well.

After my little Scamp died in November, Aerospace Boyfriend and I decided to wait a while after moving before we looked for another dog, so that we could be settled in and so I could be ready.

We went looking for something like a Jack Russell or Staffordshire bull terrier, but as soon as this big gorgeous girl rolled over for us to scratch her tummy I fell in love!

Unfortunately Cindy was born deaf. Due to this and to her being 30kg of spring-loaded adolescent dog, she spent 13 months of her short life living in kennels. We were prepared to take on the challenge of adopting her and settling her into a proper home, but honestly she's been hardly any trouble at all. The only casualty was my amazing 1950s fawn lamp, she got stuck in our bedroom one afternoon and knocked everything off my dressing table. I was so upset, but I'm over it now our lovely girl is feeling more secure.

As she's very short coated, my mum has already been knitting for her and I've bought some leopard print waterproof fabric to make her a doggy raincoat for long Winter walks, so stay tuned for some ridiculous pictures of a huge dog in flambuoyant yet functional jackets!


  1. she’s beautiful. lucky girl that you found her

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog, via an interest in millinery and had to say Cindy looks gorgeous and well done for seeing past her problems and at her potential :-)

  3. Hi, I'm a volunteer at DogsTrust Merseyside and I absolutely ADORED Cindy when she was at the centre and used to laugh at her way of sitting in a box like a cat and then demolishing it completely! You are very lucky to call her your own. She is an awesome dog. I happened to accidentally find this blog and I'm very happy to hear that Cindy is doing great in her new home. I would love for you to post another update. :)

    All the best!