Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I moved, and a lot of stuff changed.

Hello all. Some of you may have noticed my long absence... well, I'd like to believe I had a few regular readers anyway.

So why the radio silence? I moved to a new city, moved in with my boyfriend, set up a sewing/millinery workshop at home, got a new website for the business, lost my best friend (she didn't die or anything; she just fell out with me spectacularly), and I had some sort of commitment/quarter life crisis thing.

I am now resident in Liverpool... here it is:

Except I haven't actually seen that bit yet. That's the city centre waterfront, I live in the suburbs and haven't had much chance to explore yet, despite having been here for a few months.

I have a garden!

Complete with punk rawk laundry. It actually looks smaller here; it's about 8x20 metres, it's bloody huge and we have to cut the entire thing with a strimmer (that's a weed whacker, for you Yankee doodlers).

I'm trying desperately not to become some sort of vapid suburbanite. Our next door neighbour mops and disinfects his patio, he doesn't even have a dog.

We put up lots of shelves for all our gubbins...

I dyed my hair blue...

I started making 1950s inspired bags, available on my shiny new website alongside all my fancy millinery at

We adopted a super cute lazy leopard gecko...

...and I went on loads of adventures in my little orange tent, trading at festivals and weekenders.

That's a very brief catch up... I've been really busy and it's been kind of hard to keep up with everything without having to think about blogging too! More sewing/website/lizard/Summer fun details to follow soon, ladies and gents.


  1. Good to have some news from you, I was starting to miss your updates!
    just so you know, the link towards your new website doesn't work, it point to a 404...

    1. The purses are really awesome, I especially like the black atomic one!

  2. Our lawn is one that has to be "mowed" with a weedeater. It really sucks. But from the picture yours looks pretty flat and there don't seem to be any big trees (making roots a nightmare). If there is any way to avoid using the weedeater to mow it I would or maybe you are just better at it than I am because I tend to make mine all uneven (and sometimes almost bald in a spot oops).

    Any way, I love the purses! The Hawaiian one is my favorite, but I am guessing it already sold because I don't see it on your site. Are you planning on selling them separate (not part of a hat bag package) too?

    1. I sold the red one, I have more of the fabric but I'm hoarding it to make some curtains - if there's some left I'll make more. I also have another lovely Hawaiian print and a new turquoise atomic fabric which will be going online soon! They're separate on the site, just matched them with the hats for display :)

      There are two huuuuge poplar trees (like 100ft high) right next to our fence, but the roots don't seem to affect our lawn, it is bumpy though, and full of weeds!

  3. Wow the bags are beautiful! I think I know what I am getting my sister for Christmas.....

    Enjoy suburbia, it's great.

  4. I am so pleased for you, except the falling out thing -you look fab! I still have to send you your moving in pressie -i am so bad xx Hope you can make it for B's 40th next year in York xx Lots of love
    I got a new blog -