Monday, 5 December 2011

The decorations are up!

Growing up, our decorations went up on Christmas eve, and came down on twelfth night, despite us all being atheists. They were also restricted to a tree in traditional colours, and strictly no tacky plastic things hanging off the ceiling. So nowadays, as far as I'm concerned, December is all about feeling festive in the traditional British, rather pagan sense - feasting, drinking, keeping warm, cuddling up together and decorating your hovel in the twinkliest, gaudiest decorations known to man in order to ring in the changing of the seasons.

These are the same decorations I blogged about last year, I just wish I could get a better picture of the tree - without the flash it's way too dark, and with it it looks matte pink with no baubles visible. In fact it looks lovely and has a warm glow from my vintage bubble lights and muliticoloured fairy lights, it's adorned with loads of tiny metallic baubles in a rainbow of colours, plus some lovely pink deer, shiny glass robots and a huge flamingo wearing a Santa hat.

Last weekend we went to the Christmas markets in town before going to see 'My week with Marilyn', here we are being cold and drinking mulled wine. You can also see Paul's glorious Moustache grown for Movember - you can still sponsor it here should you wish to!

One day, my Christmas house will look as beautiful as this!

Found on The Girl's Girl, originally from BoopsieDaisy's amazing Flickr stream.

Next year I'm also planning to scour ebay for out-of-season vintage Christmas decorations at bargain prices and make a beautiful bauble wreath like this, I think it's a lovely way to preserve them and show them off.


  1. Lovely! That wreath is amazing, great idea xx

  2. Thanks.. I'm quite partial to the tash myself too..

  3. It's so hard to photograph trees isn't it? I can't get mine right either. Although my husband did get a cool one of a gingerbread man looking as though he was disappearing into a vortex.

    Love that vintage decs wreath, I collect vintage baubles, but I made my wreath out of regular shatterproof baubles - it would be so fragile made with vintage ones, I'd be scared.