Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The negligent blogger's Autumn colour picks.

It seems I have missed blogging for most of Summer. This is because aerospace boyfriend has been at mine most of the time while he was on his Summer break, so we have mainly been pottering about doing things at home and haven't really had much to report, though I do have a few interesting bits to catch up on.

I've really noticed Autumn closing in this week. I'm not fond of it... we're led to believe it's all apple pies, crunchy leaves and toasty mittens but for those of us living in cities the usual Autumnal experiences entail slipping over into a slurry of brake dust and decomposed vegetation, sweating because it's not quite cold enough for the coat we've put on, and being buffeted by various degrees of pollution-saturated rain and grit-carrying wind.

To distract myself from this depressing prospect, I've decided to delve into the world of fashion and colour. This week is New York Fashion Week, and every year Pantone consult leading designers to determine the colours of the season from their collections. These were their picks for Autumn/Winter 2011.

I can't profess to be too keen on their chosen palette - the last four on the chart are particularly insipid, reminding me of dreary Autumn skies. I much prefer the first section of bright jewel tones and warm, dark colours to fend off the encroaching chill of Winter. Here are my picks for my own wardrobe this season!

I think it's much more sensible to stick to a narrower palette for dressing on a budget, and I've chosen these colours because I've already started to edge towards them in my wardrobe. Here's a sneak preview!

As you can see I'm also favouring tartans at the moment... the yellow stuff is something I've actually already made, but then stupidly ripped, so I'll show you a proper picture as soon as I've redone the seam.

I promise to resume regular blogging now! The next post will be more interesting and less awkwardly written, obviously breaks are not good for me. Love to you all, my faithful readers. xxx


  1. My seasonal palette, for every season consists of Black, White, Red and Hot Pink! I don't really stray from this and everything matches ha ha! I did very much like your yellow tartan on Saturday tho :)

  2. Thanks! I bent down too far under my stall to fish out some rubbish and burst the seam at the hip! Damnable fat ass/loose weave fabric combo, it's the weave itself rather than the seam which has pulled, so it's going to be an inch smaller all round when I've finished sewing it up... no more grubbing about under tables for me.

    Yeah I usually have a black/red or black/lime theme, I've decided I'm sick of it and need some variation in my clothes! You always look great anyway, your accessories always really complete your outfits.

  3. Ugh... I'm rarely impressed with the colours fashion designers seem to choose for Autumn. Dull and brown to match the weather, lovely. I've given up the idea of buying any clothes from the high street for a while after walking round town being bored by ALL of them. I do badly need to pull some colour into my wardrobe this season. It's become a wash of black with the occasional bit of red after the massive clearout I had a while back.

    Hmm, tartan. Maybe I'll get round to using the black and white stuff in my stash this year. *runs off to plot tartan skirts*

  4. Do you wear pencil skirts or are you still against them? I'll put a picture up of the tartan ones I'm doing, you'll be able to draft a similar pattern in ten minutes. They have shoulder straps, I'm going for a 50s secretary/alpine thing with them. *yodels*

  5. A pencil skirt is on the list, just need to get round to drafting a pattern. I tend to be a bit tummy-conscious in them though so still prefer wider skirts.