Monday, 4 April 2011

What's for dinner?

A massive vegan pizza!

Fresh dough and garlicky tomato sauce, olives, mushrooms, onions, capers, spicy tofu bits and Sunblush tomatoes, topped with Cheezly melting mozzarella style fake cheese and fresh basil. Mmm!


  1. This looks scrummy! I love tofu - but I don't know anyone else who does...well, you now! Especially like it done chinese style, had a great szechwan tofu dish last week at a restaurant called Tong Fung in Worsley :))

  2. We went to Wing Yip supermarket this weekend and I must have come home with five or six different types! Firm, silken, spicy tofu 'jerky', dried yuba tofu, fresh fried tofu, I went a bit mad. I'm also thinking of making my own, it's really easy!

    Mmm I love it Chinese style, we always tend to go for birthdays at Shang Hi in Manchester and they bring you loads of extra tofu dishes if you're in a big group :D

  3. ooh you know I never knew they sold it in chinese supermarkets in flavours! Dur! I dont really like the silken, and the cauldron firm is nice, but its much better proper deep fried chinese style..yum.. I will investigate Wing Yip :))

  4. My favourite is smoked tofu, Cauldron used to do one but I'm not sure if they still do, there's a nice smoked one made by Clear Spot that you can get in the 8th Day or Unicorn Grocery.

    The silken is just for making creamy desserts and to use as a binder in stuff intead of eggs, it's horrid on its own! I'm quite impressed by the spicy tofu jerky stuff, it's good for toppings and snacks :)

  5. oh yay!!! how wonderful a fellow vegan! and you have impecable taste in everything too sweetheart. What a gem to find you and your blog. Loving the vegan pizza...How do you get your melting cheezly so melty? haha. mine still does not melt to that degree but still much yomness, had one the other night followed by mama cucina cheesecake <3

  6. Thank you Bella! <3

    I do it by putting the oven on full blast! I preheat it to the top (which is 280C on my oven) while I'm rolling out the crust and chopping up the toppings, then the pizza only takes about four minutes to cook perfectly and it's nice and melty! I also have one of those pizza trays with holes in it, which might make a difference as the heat can circulate better from below. xx