Sunday, 3 April 2011

Outfit & Jumble Sale Goodies

On Saturday morning I met my friend Ciana for a jumble sale at a local retirement home. Here is what I wore:

Jeans - Freddies of Pinewood
Red leopard cardigan - eBay
Red leopard belt - New Look
Red leopard pumps - Tesco
Cowboy print headscarf - Cath Kidston

Here's a closeup of my jewellery - 50s fruit necklace from my friend Steff, celluloid pink bunny brooch (40s?) from ebay.

Here are a couple of my finds from the jumble sale:

1930s vase/small planter, 30p.

1950s drinking glasses, 50p. (They're the same size, the photograph makes the front one look bigger!)


  1. You look so cute! LOVE the glasses you found, what a great pattern.

  2. Loving the red leopard print.

  3. Love those glasses! I collect 50s and 60s glasses, but they are always smashing :'(..can't wait to go car booting to replenish this years lost stocks!

  4. Youre rocking those Freddies - are they the 1940s Work Pants?

  5. Thanks! They're the 'Jeanies' in black, which I don't think they stock anymore. Just had a browse on their site and yes, the 1940s work pants look the closest in design :)