Thursday, 17 February 2011

Free Atomic Fabric and Paper Samples!

After seeing a post over at Atomic Tea Party about The Sanderson Company's reissue of several amazing 1950s atomic patterns, I decided to take advantage of their sample service and order some swatches. You can order up to four at a time, the samples and postage are free, and you can of course also sneakily order another four in your boyfriend's name. Here they are!

I want every single one of the reissued fabrics and wallpapers, they're amazing. Unfortunately Sanderson don't sell direct, only through very expensive department stores, where the fabric costs around £36/metre ($50/yard).

However, the sample pieces of fabric are 7.5" square - stitch four together, add a cotton backing and some kitsch pompom trim, and amazing atomic cushions will be yours! They're certainly going to be mine once my second batch of samples arrives and I have finished making them.

Here are the company's example rooms with atomic furniture and wallcoverings. Aren't they fabulous? I wish this was my house! (pictures (c) Sanderson).

This one has a Cmielow coffee pot like mine in the picture!

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  1. Thanks for the great tip! I recived my samples in the post this morning, they are lovely!! xx