Monday, 10 January 2011

I finally have a dressing table!

I got this mirror for Christmas over two years ago, and it has been waiting to be put up ever since! It's a 1940s early plastic replica of a Rococo design. I finally decided that I couldn't wait any more for Aerospace boyfriend to mess about finding a stud detector, scanning the wall for wires and such, and generally putting it off, so eventually I just stuck a screw in the wall, which took two minutes and did not result in electrocution! I think I shall return to doing all my own DIY.

The dressing table is in fact the polished wood cabinet from my grandparents' first television set, probably purchased (as so many were) to watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It had the workings removed at a later date to leave a useful cupboard, but unfortunately has sustained some scratches from being moved from house to house. One day I will have it restored, but until then I think it looks great holding my hair flowers and trinkets.

Here is the transfer on top, with the HMV dog emblem and the inscription 'suppliers of gramophones, records, radio and television apparatus to the late King George VI'.


  1. Wonderful, you have good taste!!

    Am in love with your swan!!

  2. How fabulous is that? The TV cabinet is absolutely gorgeous! And the fact it was your grandparents is extra special! xx

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad to finally have the space sorted, before I had a tidying blitz it was just a big pile of coats and dresses.

    Miss M... the swan, like pretty much everything else I own, was my Nanna's, so she was the one with the good taste ;)