Monday, 11 October 2010

Blog negligence and general stuff.

I haven't updated this in ages, mainly because I have had no money and have been doing not much that would be of any interest to anybody reading about it.

A few highlights of the last few weeks:

Apple Pie!

It looks beautiful but its bottom was slightly soggy. Deceptive pie.

Had a stall with some hats and some cakes

Built a divided fish tank for my male Betta Splendens (Siamese fighting fish, hence the separators - they are very aggressive to other males and I don't want them ripping each other to shreds).

Citizen Fish

Boris Karloff


Took on some extra work making lovely dresses for Outerlimitz Vintage Reproduction Clothing! Here is the dress I am currently making for them. They have some gorgeous designs, especially their Hawaiian range.

Some upcoming things in the life of Kally:

-Fruit hats!
-More dressmaking!
-Going to the Bizarre Winter Ball!

...and probably some other things too, hopefully some of which I will blog about.

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