Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Bizarre Ball!

On Saturday, Aerospace Boyfriend and I and lots of our friends went to the first Manchester Bizarre Winter Ball, a big 'alternative' event run by Bizarre Magazine. There was burlesque performance by the fabulous Lola Pops, compereing by the wickedly funny Desmond O'Connor and onstage grotesqueries from The Circus of Horrors.

Lola Pops!

There have been a few complaints that the ball did not measure up to the quality of the London event, but all in all I had a good time and have high hopes that future incarnations of the ball will be even better, as it was great to see an event like this being put on outside of the capital. The bands that were on were fairly dire, but I was pleasantly surprised that the music played by the DJs between and after bands was a good mix with no obnoxious metal, plenty of danceable stuff that the crowd enjoyed ranging from old punk, the B52s and Blondie to Lady Gaga and camp classics.

The Circus of Horrors

I was also really proud to see several of my hats being worn at the ball, so thank you to all my customers! If you fancy a hat for your next event, take a look at my eBay shop, my Facebook business page or drop me a line for custom orders!

Here is what I wore, with my lovely friend Steff. The outfit is tailored latex, and I made it myself, as well as Steff's gloves and hat!

Our Friends Chris and Katie - Mad Hatter hat by me!

Our friend Kitten - Latex hat by me!

Group shot!

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  1. You made that yourself??? Wow, it is amazing and you look so great in it!!!