Tuesday, 21 August 2012

In which I embarass myself by singing in front of you all.

Well, this has received a reasonable reaction on my facebook, so I may as well show it to my lovely followers too. Just for god's sake nobody upload it to youtube, and don't watch it if you're a musician.

I have really wanted a banjolele for ages, but they're very expensive and the only one in the family is an heirloom on Paul's side so is going nowhere. My stepdad runs a music shop so I can get a banjolele, but figured I should learn on something cheap before spending a lot of money on an instrument - I have a tendency to pick things up and make a good start, then abandon them.

So I bought the cheapest ukulele possible, and taught myself to play six chords on it in two hours this evening. My fingers hurt. I've also never sung in my life, not even in front of my boyfriend of four-and-a-half years, so I'm jumping in at the deep end here. Hopefully I'll get better at both singing and playing over the next few months.

Enough stalling anyway... here you go, Astro Zombies by The Misfits.


  1. Aw, I always love seeing other people post ukulele videos. I think you did a great job :D hope we get to see more!

  2. hi kally. i chose to pass the liebster blog award on to you. i love your style and love to see what adventures you post about. visit my post for the rules and so you can pay it forward to other bloggers
    thanks for all you share
    lily bean

  3. aww..CUTE! You could try some Violent Femmes numbers...I bet they'd sound great * ; ) & yeah...when I started learning to play the guitar (which has a MUCH more generously-sized neck) I totally felt like I'd acquired arthritis overnight... * = (
    It will pass w/practice

  4. You did great! And I'm not going to let my Mister see this. He's a Misfits nut and if he sees a beautiful girl like you singing one of their songs, he might get on a plane. : )

    1. Hehe he might think it's sacrilege! I've made it far too twee ;)

  5. Thank you ladies! I've recorded a couple more and gotten a lot better with my strumming patterns (ooh err!) so I will post some more of my caterwauling soon! xxx