Friday, 13 April 2012

I have succumbed! Bakelite goodness.

I smell the beginnings of a new addiction... smells vaguely like formaldehyde. I had hoped never to fall prey to the dangerous craze that is collecting vintage bakelite bangles, but having seen the huge, beautiful collections of bloggers such as
Brittany and Holly, I decided that no respectable vintage jewellery collection could be complete without them!

Bakelite jewellery isn't something that pops up too often in the UK, and online prices are high, so this is a rare treat for me. My only other bakelite possessions are some buttons and buckles, and two adorable Scottie dog napkin rings which belonged to my grandmother.

This beauty is currently winging its way to me from Canada after Aerospace Boyfriend fought bravely for it on eBay. He details my triumph here on his blog, which contains many fine examples of why he should probably always listen to me.

My beloved Scotties... I love the colours and the little differences between them.


  1. I loove your scotty dog napkin rings! I want to get some for my dining table but I know that my kids would make them bark and hop all over the livingroom and they'd end up lost. Horray for the ebay win!! I've seen some fairly priced bangles on etsy on occasion. If you keep a watchful eye, you can snag some goodies. Oh, and loads of earrings too x

    1. I've seen a few reasonably priced ones go up on there recently too, but the bargains are usually gone by the next day! I need to only start looking when I have the funds available, rather than putting them in my watch list and seeing them sell before I have the cash.

      I can't wear normal earrings with my stretched lobes, all the more bakelite goodies left for you ;) x

  2. Ooh, I love that bracelet! I haven't any bakelite as it's also quite rare/pricy here! But I like to drool over other people's collections.
    -Andi x

  3. Uh oh! The addiction has started! I have found some great bakelite bargains on plain bangles over the past few years, but am now coveting the carved pieces, which are obviously more pricey! I have just acquired two carved ones which I will be blogging about shortly! LOVE this one you found, really nice piece x

  4. I love that bangle. It's so hard to find online in the UK. I had 2 lucky breaks at boot sales (with homewear not glam wear sadly) but otherwise it's just soo expensive.

  5. I just bought my first bakelite bracelet a few weeks ago too! I love it! :) I have given you a blog award over on my blog! :)