Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Moustache Madness, and giveaway!

Just a reminder that if you've not done it already, or fancy a couple of extra entries, my 100 followers giveaway will end at midnight tonight (GMT)! I think that's 1am for my European ladies and about 7-8pm for my US readers, depending on your location! If you've already entered but fancy another chance you just need to blog or tweet about it and leave me a separate comment on the original post. You can win a gorgeous Kalandra Jane Designs leopard satin fascinator!

Also... please support my boyfriend as he grows a moustache for charity in support of Movember! This month-long event advocates the sporting of fine facial fuzz in order to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research's testicular cancer initiative. They hold the event worldwide and support different men's health causes according to region.

He has started a very fine blog to document his follicular adventure, and unbeknown to me he appears to have some fine comedic writing skills going on. You too can follow the development of his upper lip from this...

...to this. (Source, copyright Paul Clarke Photography.)

You can donate to our Movember team here, every penny is appreciated!


  1. You are so cute!! I will visit your B/F's blog for sure. October is Breast Cancer awareness month over here BUT ALSO Domestic Violence awareness month...this really irks me. Why? Because breast cancer is going to steal the limelight every time!! People LOVE thinking about titties and would rather NOT think of domestic abuse...and my point is always, WHY DON'T WE HAVE TESTICULAR CANCER MONTH? And my answer (to myself) is always: because nobody likes thinking about a NUTSACK, that's why. Breast cancer is the MOST popular cancer to "fight" over here...oh for godssakes YES, protect our precious boobies!! NObody can shut up about that...(and I am sympathetic, don't get me wrong)so anyway, next October, remember all those who have suffered and died in abusive relationships. And tie on a fuzzy brown (?) ribbon for TESTICULAR CANCER.
    * = D

  2. Yes! Fuzzy brown ribbons for nutack protection! He's raised £60 so far and the 'tache is only just beyond the stubble stage :)