Monday, 24 October 2011

The beginnings of another addiction!

Two new vintage frames! Plus my current ones at the bottom. I'd ordered the red ones and was waiting for them to arrive when I saw the green lucite pair for sale, they're perfect for me! This means I now have glasses which will match most outfits in my wardrobe, though I doubt that will stop me from buying more in the future - I love having another excuse to accessorise. They also all fit in with my Autumn/Winter wardrobe colour plan.

I can't wait to get my prescription lenses put in them. I have a feeling I'll have to start wearing glasses more often anyway, I'm sure my eyes have gotten worse since I first got glasses six months ago so I'm having them re-tested on Wednesday.

Here's a lovely film from the 50s featuring some amazing glasses!


  1. Those are great! I really love the polka dots on the red pair. :)

  2. I actually love these, bet they really suit you too :) x

  3. I am soooooo envious of the red spotty ones! Eeeee! Love them!
    I always use 'I need spex' to do my prescriptions: its just £15 for lenses in your own frames and they do them in just a few days and post them back to you :)

  4. The green ones are fab! People always comment about my vintage spectacles. I love wearing them and you're right, the more you wear your glasses, the more you rely on them. I need another eye test soon too. Loving the old film footage. Nice find :))

  5. Gotta be done! They are wonderful.I especially like the red ones.x