Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I recently filled in a survey from UK based chocolate company Montezuma's and was entered into a draw for a chocolate hamper, which I won! It looked like this one, with a few different items in it:

As well as being ecstatic because I had never really won anything before (and because I was getting free chocolate, obviously), I was additionally impressed that they allowed me to request that my hamper be completely vegan. I love the fact that they are very aware of vegans and work hard to create a good variety of delicious treats that we can eat, alongside their extensive non-vegan range.

My hamper contained a dark chocolate Easter bunny, three different bars of chunky dark chocolate with such tasty additions as ginger, brazil nuts and hazelnuts, a big bag of the most heavenly melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate giant buttons, and an enormous 300g 'Choco:Block' slab dotted with huge chunks of pecans, walnuts and dates, all wrapped in a luxe black box with a ribbon tie.

They also included a 10% off voucher, to tempt me to purchase some more of their remarkable confections! Here is what I plan to put it towards:

Their vegan truffle collection, comprising sumptuous pralines laced with orange and cinnamon, coffee, lime and chilli, and pure unadulterated dark chocolate.

I suggest you all go take a look and have a drool! I for one will not be running low on treats any time soon.

Thanks, Montezuma's!

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