Sunday, 21 March 2010

Outfit Post & New Tattoo

On Wednesday I had my tattoo finished on my foot - I had it outlined ages ago but could never afford to get it finished, and now my lovely friend who did it is leaving for a great new job so I had to get in there quickly! By Rachel at 72 Tattoo, Urmston, Manchester - soon to be of Modern Body Art, Birmingham. We are all very proud of her! I've always liked octopuses, they featured heavily in my artwork when I was at uni, so I'm happy to have my cute lady octopus inked on my trotter! I hope to have a friend for her done on my other foot at some point - a boy octopus in blue and green tones with a pirate theme. (Please excuse my weird tiny peanut toe!)

I also tried out a beehive hairdo for the first time. For extra volume I tried a vintage trick - I don't have a rat/doughnut thing so I stuffed an old rolled up stocking with cotton wool and pinned it in place, then covered it with my hair. I'm pretty pleased with the result, though my one shaved and leopard dyed side didn't really match the look, hence the scarf tied round to cover that area!

We also went out on Saturday night to Rock 'n' Roll Hellkat clubnight's 5th Birthday, where I am the door girl! A few of our friends were missing due to holidays, pregnancy etc. but it was still a good night. This is my outfit (complete with have-you-taken-the-photo-yet? face) - Particularly pleasing because I made the skirt last year to fit me when I was corsetted. It now fits me without a corset. This means my diet is working, yay!

Sugar skulls circle skirt - made by me (fabric - Alexander Henry)
Top - Tesco
Yellow underskirt - Rockers England
50s Vintage necklace - gift from Aerospace Boyfriend
50s Vintage box bag - eBay
Black and red seamed stockings - Ann Summers, gift from a friend
Cherry Pumps - Underground Shoes

Finally, here is a picture of what we look like pretty much all the time. <3


  1. Look at your *nom* face!! :oP


  2. how cute! i can't wait to get a tattoo like this. cute outfit by the way :)