Thursday, 11 February 2010

One year older, four teeth lighter.

Recently, a couple of things have occurred. One is that I turned twenty-four, and the other is that I went into hospital to have my four wisdom teeth and an inch-long chunk of infected jawbone (yuck) removed under general anaesthetic.

The latter was considerably less pleasurable, a very gruesome experience indeed which involved chisels, stitches, a Trainspotting-style shock awakening in the recovery room, and a lot of morphine, and is the reason why I have barely gotten any work done all week. Paul keeps telling me that I should be resting as it was quite major surgery for which I am on strong post-operative medication, whereas I just feel like I'm not doing enough, and am becoming infuriated by the pain and tiredness which is impeding my progress on outstanding hat orders.

Seeing as I have done nothing but lie on the sofa all week, I don't have much to report, so here are some pictures of things I got for my birthday, taken on the fancy new camera Paul got me.

A stash of desirable stuff from What Katie Did , from Paul

Some cute shiny pink shoes from Paul's sister
A selection of lovely and thoughtful gifts from my friends who came to my birthday outing to the Chinese Buffet
Some wonderful little uranium glass dessert dishes for my collection, from Paul's mum, who also got me a fun book called 'Kitschy Crafts - A Celebration of Overlooked 20th Century Crafts'. It's full of cute 1950s-60s advertising graphics, and contains instructions for a variety of colourful retro craft projects; the first one I plan to undertake is a crocheted poodle toilet roll cover! Pictures to follow when I get round to doing this - I think I'll make it in pink!

I also wanted to post a picture of this necklace I found in a charity shop in Didsbury a few weeks ago. When I first glanced it in the glass case, I thought it might be 1970s plastic - upon closer inspection, it proved to be 1940s coloured glass! It has a couple of small chips to the beads near the fastener, but these aren't noticeable. It was about £2 I think.
Now, back to languishing on the sofa, my codeine is wearing off!

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